Oh, hello, nice to meet you!

Jennifer Dutton, here and you have found my portfolio. Welcome!

I am a full-stack developer with a background in graphic design.
I turn ideas into software.

I speak HTML, CSS, SASS, jQuery, JS, AngularJS, C#/.NET, Entity, Razor, ADO.NET and Dapper - just to name a few.

About me

I am a graphic designer, recent graduate of the Nashville Software School, and currently looking for opportunities as a full-stack developer. My client-side language is AngularJS and my server-side language is C#/.NET. My passion is using technology to solve problems across multiple devices and languages.

Outside of school, I volunteer with Nashville's Girl Geek Dinner and regularly participate in a variety tech meet-ups around town. In my spare time I can be found shamelessly loitering at local art galleries, playing with new technology such as React, hiking, canoeing, and trying new flavors of ice cream at Jeni's.


Web development

Client-side language: AngularJS
Server-side language: C#/.NET

Bucket list: React, Angular2/4, and Python

Graphic Design

In my past life I have worked for Fortune 500 companies such as International Paper including clients and art directors from Subway, Pizza Hut, Kroger and Proctor & Gamble.

Fine Art

I am gracefully low-key about my paintings. Yet, if you are curious I am currently showing my work in Nashville.